Our modern societies accommodated the workplaces, and now employees work in comfortable offices where they stay a prolonged time. According to a study conducted by the  American College of Physicians, both the total volume of sedentary time and its accrual in prolonged, uninterrupted bouts are associated with all-cause mortality. The study suggested that physical activity guidelines should target reducing and interrupting sedentary time to minimize the risk of death.

Even when your job requires long hours sitting in front of a computer, there are countless ways to stay active. In many companies, worker safety policies include measures to reduce the risk associated with a sedentary lifestyle. You must communicate your needs. You can make your position more ergonomic by choosing furniture that helps maintain good posture. You can add a fifteen-minute stop every two hours to your schedule. It is advisable to dedicate that time to walking or perform exercises in place to activate your circulation. Adjust your phone to take a minute of breathing exercises every hour. These exercises increase your ability to concentrate and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.