Dr. Gala’s Health Coaching

Do you dream of living a healthy and fulfilling life? Do you crave a healthy and beautiful body in total balance with your mind and spirit? My health coaching method helps clients like you to balance these three areas of their lives and reach their full potential.

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Dr. Gala's Health Coaching

Dr. Gala’s Beauty Coaching

I am passionate about enriching other women's lives. I help you to unleash your inner beauty and become the best outer version of yourself.

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Dr. Gala's Beauty Coaching

Ulta Lab Tests

You can monitor your wellness and be proactive in the prevention and early detection of disease or adverse conditions. Our lab tests are for your information, but are not intended to be a substitute for examination or consultation with a physician or other appropriate healthcare provider.

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FullScript Services

With hundreds of brands available to choose from, Fullscript offers one of the most impressive supplement catalogs in the industry. Our advanced search tools make finding the products you know and trust as easy as can be!

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Do You Want to Improve Your Health?

Close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. My coaching method helps you master the inner and outer changes to become the best version of yourself.

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Lyz Gala
Lyz GalaJ & P Transportation Operations Manager

It is a handy page for middle-aged women so they can educate themselves and learn more. I love that Angela helps women in their health and beauty. I love everything that one can achieve by following her approach!

mrer2312Not disclosed

Estoy feliz de poder tener a alguien como usted Angela , para que me guíe en mi media edad , todavía no he llegado pero ya estaré preparada con su ayuda , muchos éxitos y ansiosa por ver su próximo video

Our Members Achievements

Our Members Achievements

“The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled.”

Ric CharlesworthHockey
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Not Sure Where to Start?

Health challenges are an excellent way to harness the power of human nature; We all have an internal competitor who can achieve great things when given the opportunity and motivation.

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Information prepared to educate, transform, and accompany you on this journey towards achieving your goals. Here you'll find videos, articles and various publications on essential topics.

Proudly wear the signs of intense life.

Being beautiful does not imply not having traces of the time you have lived; It implies accepting your beauty as it is and exalting it

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