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What is the best diet for YOU? What should guide your decision, the media or your BODY?

By Dr. Angela Gala

We are constantly inundated with the latest diet trends. Everywhere we look, new diets are being touted as the cure-all for our nutritional needs. We’ve all heard that if we follow this specific plan, we’ll slim down, have more energy, and be healthier. Is there any truth to it? Or are we simply following the trends that appeal to us in the media without paying attention to our bodies actual requirements?

It may be hard to listen to our bodies, but it is not impossible. There are a few tactics for getting started in adjusting to your body’s demands. Keeping a food diary is one idea. This will allow you to document what you eat and how your body responds. You should pay close attention to any changes you notice in your body and how it responds to various meals. Finally, you may want to experiment with an elimination diet to see if there are specific foods your body does not tolerate well.

Ultimately, we can learn much about what is good for us and what to avoid by looking at our genes. With nutrigenomics, we can understand how our genes respond to different foods. This means that we can tailor our diets specifically to our own needs. Rather than jumping on the latest diet trend, why not pay attention to what our bodies tell us they require? They are, after all, the experts on our nutrition.


If you’d like to learn more about listening to your body and determining the best nutrition, contact us at Dr. Gala Health Coaching. We have been trained and partnered with a laboratory conducting epigenetic testing and can help you establish a nutrition strategy uniquely suited to you. Let your body lead the way rather than letting media influences dictate your diet!


  1. Great article and a great idea, Listening to Our Body to tell us what we need. I have never been one to jump on the latest diet trends. I do track my food intake most of the time. I started weight training and cardio exercise about 10 years ago a the ripe old age of 65, ha. I dont believe I have ever been healthier than I am today at 75.

    I think it is wonderful that you offer individual health coaching as well. Im sure many readers will take advantage of that. as well. I will share your post with friends and family, thank you… All the best !

    1. Thank you for your kind words, William! I’m so happy that you’ve found success in listening to your body and taking an individualized approach to diet and exercise. It’s truly the best way to achieve long-term health and wellness.

      We offer individual health coaching because everyone can benefit from personalized advice and support, no matter their starting point or goals. I’m glad you’ll be sharing our post with your friends and family–I hope they’ll check us out! Thanks again for reading and your support.

  2. I loved the article!  I have been doing Keto for years and the results are undeniable.  I have gotten off diabetic drugs, reversed my type two diabetes, got down to a healthy weight, and eliminated my high cholesterol.  I started dieting in my late 20s when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and a few years later high cholesterol. I did the low fat, calorie counting, and so many other of the recommended diets and my numbers kept getting worse.  After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  It was then that I started Keto and haven’t looked back. 

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Mike! I’m glad you found the article helpful. We completely understand where you’re coming from–it can be really difficult to make healthy diet choices when it seems like every other source is telling us something different.

      We appreciate your taking the time to share your story and personal experience with keto. It’s great to hear that this approach has worked so well for you and that you’ve seen such amazing results. Thank you for being a part of our community and helping to spread the word about keto!

  3. Thank you for your article. I must admit I had never heard of nutrigenomics before or even really how food effects our genes. But it seems like common sense the more I think about it. Being slim is not something I have to worry about. You might think this a lucky thing but it resulted from bowel cancer and I have had about 20% of my intestines removed. And that does affect what I found interesting in your article. Namely having more energy. 
    Your idea about keeping a food diary is something I have thought about but never done. This has spurred me to take action. I don’t particularly want to keep a food diary for ever or even a long time, but I was thinking about 3 months should sort out the food that affects me either positively or negatively. Does that time frame go along with your thoughts?

    Also, you say you are partnered with a Laboratory, can you tell me which one and what they do? On top of that can you give me a quick outline on what your coaching course covers and the cost? 

    Many thanks.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful review, Steve. I’m glad you found our article on nutrigenomics interesting and that it made sense to you. It is truly fascinating how food can affect our genes and overall health!

      I completely agree with you that keeping a food diary is a great way to identify which foods have a positive or negative effect on us. In fact, 3 months is a great amount of time to do this!

      I’ve partnered with 3×4 genetics, and we study how our bodies respond to the world around us and how our lifestyle choices impact how our genes express themselves (epigenetics). We build a blueprint we can use to build a healthier, longer life, meaning we gain the ability to turn on or off our genes’ expressions (epigenomics). I’m open to a deeper conversation about this if you’re interested. 

      We hope you find this helpful in your journey to better health. Thank you for taking the time to read our article and leave your feedback.

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