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Learning to be accountable to yourself.

For many months we’ve been battling a pandemic that has taken the lives of thousands of people and left millions locked up. It is already clear that it depends on our responsibility and accountability to ourselves to keep the disease at bay while we wait for a vaccine.

The training has been tough. But have we already learned to be responsible for ourselves?

You may have been accountable to your boss at work, and this may be easy for you because if you comply and perform well, you can receive your remuneration.

Now the question is, are you accountable to yourself? Are you regularly disappointed or don’t meet the standards you’ve set for yourself? Well, you are not alone.

Most people struggle to behave in a way that is consistent with their values ​​and goals. Most people make plans they never follow or set goals that they never come close to achieving.

This is a frustrating and ineffective way of life. There is no one to hold you accountable if you don’t do it yourself.

Be accountable to yourself, and anything is possible!

Follow these tips to master the art of responsibility:

1. Keep a to-do list. If you don’t have a plan, you can’t take responsibility for anything. Start each day with a detailed plan of what you want to accomplish. This list should consist of the things that must be done to maintain your life and the ones that will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

  • The first step to personal responsibility is a to-do list that you take seriously.

2. Make a schedule. A to-do list is not enough. When are you going to do each item on that list? What is the most important? What to do first? Create a schedule and stick to it. Start each day with a plan.

3. Review your performance. Review your performance every day. You can review at the end of each task or review all your tasks at the end of the day. Write down your successes and failures.

  • What can you learn that will make it more effective?
  • What makes you feel good?
  • What embarrassed you about your performance today?

4. Reward and punish yourself accordingly. When you get it right, reward yourself. When you’re not meeting your standards, punish yourself. Most people have no trouble thinking of rewards, but here are some ideas for punishments:

  • Do not allow yourself to watch television for a week.
  • Giving money to a charity you disapprove of.
  • Do not allow yourself to ride your motorcycle for a month.
  • Publicly embarrassed.
  • Adjust your wrist with a large rubber band.
  • Force yourself to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a week. Force yourself to watch a news channel you despise.

5. Be clear on your goals. Your to-do list largely depends on your goals. It’s easy to sit back and accomplish little if you don’t have clear goals. You can’t take responsibility without something to account for.

  • What are your five most important goals? Please make a list and review it at least once a day. Be able to recite them without thinking.

6. Hold others accountable. Whether you’re training for a marathon or trying to buy your first rental property, let others know about your plans. You may be more inclined to act rather than suffer the public shame of failure.

  • Who will hold you accountable without trying to sabotage your efforts? Who really wants to see you succeed? This person could be a great responsible partner.

It would be nice if they assigned us a drill sergeant to hold us accountable every day. Unfortunately, we have to manage ourselves.

What would you be able to accomplish if you could take responsibility every day? The sky would be the limit. However, we allow ourselves to get away with regular displays of mediocrity and sigh in response.

Today is the day when you can start taking responsibility in all areas of your life. Be accountable to yourself, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!


  1. Accountability is a very great quality one should have. But the best person to be accountable to if one’s self. And you have just written brilliantly on this. I really had a great time reading this article. The guide you have given in this article are cery enlightening, and I am positive that taking heed to them will have a great impact in my life. Thanks.

    1. Nelson, you made my day happier by sharing your feedback about my article. I definitely, will keep bringing more on this. My purpose is to continue impacting your and many other people´s mental health. 

  2. This has been such a necessary read for me! I have been mentally struggling for as long as I can remember and due to the pandemic my mental health has just gotten worse. I have no motivation to do anything but after reading and analyzing your tips on how to stay up to date with yourself, I can actually find a settle place to start making changes to my life in a more positive way. Keep up the good work. Looking forwards reading more of your work. 

    1. Oh, Stephanie! I am extremely grateful to the universe for allowing me to serve you in any way. This time it has been through this modest article where I share some tips to maintain a healthy mind, especially during the next holidays during these times of pandemic. Very soon, I will be sharing much more in this area of health and personal care, so keep checking here. Thanks once again.

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