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I listen to the signals my body sends me.

I respect the wisdom of my body. It sends me signals all the time. I am in tune with those signals and respond appropriately.

When I listen to my body, I am happier and healthier.

My body signals to me when it is hungry. Hunger tells me that it is time to eat. If I only eat when I am hungry, I maintain healthy body weight. My body lets me know when I eat something that is unhealthy for me. It informs me when I eat too much.

My body also informs me when I am thirsty. I drink a healthy beverage when my body lets me know that it is time to drink.

My body tells me I need to rest. When I feel fatigued, I respect my body and rest or sleep.

My wisdom also speaks to me through my body. I can feel doubt, uncertainty, and danger in my body. My body is also where I feel excitement, certainty, and love.

My body is wise, so I listen to what it has to say.

I avoid the urge to override any of the signals my body sends me. I give my body what it requests. I listen to my body and make the best decision I can under the circumstances.

Today, I respect the signals my body provides to me. I trust the wisdom of my body. I work with my body instead of against it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When do I ignore my body signals? What are the consequences when I do this?
  2. What are the ways my body communicates with me?
  3. If I listened to my body more, what would happen?

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