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As a Health Coach how do you assist women during their menopausal transition?

By Angela Gala

I’ve been attempting to convey a point (including the marketing material) that clearly explains how I may assist midlife women suffering and struggling with a problematic menopausal shift. Because marketing is a discipline that isn’t simple to master, it’s been challenging. So, I decided to share this fascinating chat with Martha*.

*We respect any personal information our users provide. Martha is not a natural person but just a relatable character. Any resemblance to actual persons, places, or events is purely coincidental.

So, Martha asked: “What steps do you take as a Health Coach to assist women during their menopausal transition?” — and added- “I understand that there are emotional issues and other circumstances like the empty-nesters who believe they have no purpose for living. But all of this is due to menopause being a hormone issue. When I’m told you help women going through menopause navigate it naturally, I’m guessing it’s a mindset thing, but this is a hormonal problem…to be honest.”

Adding some background 


Before I get to my response, let me offer some background.

I’ve been a medical doctor for over thirty years and endured a challenging menopause shift. I found myself stranded with no alternative but to endure, take hormones, or have surgery to end my terrible periods. But I did not pick any of these.

I spent a long time researching, listening to my body, making notes on everything, and figuring out how to repair it. To summarize, I resolved all of my issues, which made me feel considerably better than I had at age 40.

My response to Martha (and I want to be clear that in this article, I go deeper than the simple chat conversation we had). And, of course, Martha will have the chance to read it and learn more.

My response

Yes, going through menopause is a time of tremendous hormonal turmoil, and it can negatively impact your life. However, while conducting my study, I had three primary notions or paradigms in mind that proved correct with my transition and that of many other women who had joined my program:

  1. Menopause is a regular event in midlife (therefore, as menstruation is planned to happen in your life, so menopause is, and your body is prepared to deal with it).
  2. All of our critical functions are managed from a Center of Operations (CO- read our brain), and
  3. Everything from our lifestyle choices, physical and social environments, and mindset impacted every aspect of our physical health and experience.

The good news is that my program addresses ALL of them!

(Let me tell you a bit about the backstory of Martha’s question.)

We’ve been taught to believe menopause is a deficiency problem; the solution is to supply hormones to correct it. Supplementing hormones has been found to provide short-term relief, particularly if you are experiencing very severe symptoms (after all, we keep our bodies in the state that evokes the reproductive stage, countering the CO command to reduce hormone production as a result of the reproductive process coming to an end).

However, too much hormone use can upset your body’s delicate balance and increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses that can impair your performance and life span. Are we giving too much hormone to our bodies with hormone replacement therapy? So, if you think about it, your body was told to produce less because the process they were meant to regulate is no longer accessible; Yes, indeed, you are giving too much hormone to your body.

About hormones

But let’s look at your physiology, which may help you understand what’s happening here.

Hormones are chemical messengers our bodies produce to regulate the activity of tissues and organs. They control the body’s growth, metabolism, sexual development, and function.

Our female hormones and the glands that secrete them are part of an incredibly sensitive glandular system known as the endocrine system.

Our ovaries and brain speak to one another about reproductive readiness. Still, we also have receptor cells all over our bodies to pick up hormones and tell various body parts how to support a possible future pregnancy.

Estrogen is a steroid hormone that appears in four different forms in our body at various stages of reproductive readiness or pregnancy.

Its most prevalent and powerful form is estradiol, converted from the weaker estrogen called estrone when we are between puberty and menopause. This occurs in our ovaries and influences various bodily processes. Other organs, glands, and tissues such as the liver, adrenals, bone, skin, and adipose fat produce a little estrone.

When our reproductive years pass, our ovaries stop working, and our body can no longer convert the weaker estrone into more potent estradiol. Consequently, our estrogen levels decline.

Like many chemical messengers, estrogen can enter all our cells. But only some cells have the correct receptors to ‘switch on the message and allow the cell to react (You can learn more about these topics at the Menopause Experts Training for Women).

Now, here is the exciting part of this conversation!!!

Our genes determine how each cell responds to each chemical messenger and how that cell functions.

And here is where my third paradigm makes more sense. Our individuality is created by 0.1 % of our genes that contain variations- and those variations occur due to environmental factors and lifestyle choices, affecting how our genes express themselves. DNA is the foundation, carrying all the information needed to build you. Those variations (substitution, deletion, insertion, copy) are the key to understanding why your cells are not responding appropriately to the CO command.

Most approaches to health and wellness today prescribe one-size-fits-all solutions. Menopause is not an exception, and there we have a quick fix that many women are ready to take on to deal with their symptoms…putting a patch on the wound. We all are vastly different in many ways. Each of us is unique, from height to energy levels to how much sleep we need at night. And I know we all desire to find better health, and while we know that’s a journey, we also know that we should have our own path to walk on.

What we do?

My work goes down to pinpointing what’s going on in your body due to the third paradigm. However, now is the right time to take the next step towards your personalized solution that will not only be tailored to your unique make-up but will also optimize how your body responds to natural events, such as menopause and aging, and help you make choices that could lead to a longer, healthier and wealthier next chapter of your life.

We can find the blueprint for creating your next chapter in your genes. The power of genetics is the most effective and science-backed way to provide such a unique personalization.

We develop your blueprint and craft a customized correction strategy specifically for you. In addition, we work together to refine your attitude through transformational coaching and positive intelligence (mental fitness).

Is this for everybody? 

Technically, yes. 

Now, as easy as it may sound, there is a count of effort and commitment on your side to achieve the success we guarantee in our program. Therefore, to qualify, certain conditions must be met:

  • You must be willing to accept change and embrace a new life narrative.
  • Be open to innovative ways of living and thinking healthy.
  • And be ready to make the effort necessary to get there.

This program is NOT for those who want to maintain their current state and continue doing things the same way, those who seek a quick solution to their problems, or those who are unwilling to put in any work.

My question to you is, how much would it cost you if you did not take advantage of a program like this?

Please, contact me if you want to explore what my program offers. I’m here to support you!


  1. It is quite informative and a transformative blog for me.

    I felt like I got a crash course on menopause, what it is, and ways to deal with it.

    In my experience, I have been lucky to live a healthy life overall. I never knew what menopause was and went through it.

    Going back, I had changes in mental and emotional issues which may be quite related to menopause but I accepted them as a natural course of my life. I turned out okay.

    I appreciate you explaining our individuality and gene relation and introducing personalized solutions to our health and wellness. We are not the same so our treatment regimens may be different.

    What is positive intelligence by the way? Does it relate to mental fitness?

    Thank you so much for this very important blog which educates us and helps us as a guide.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, Anusuya! We think personalized solutions are the greatest approach to addressing menopause in each woman. We aim to assist women in assessing their mental and physical health so they can make the best decisions based on their circumstances.

      Positive intelligence (PQ) is the quotient used to assess one’s mental fitness. Mental fitness is defined as a person’s capacity to react with a positive and resilient attitude to stress or difficulty. “Positive Intelligence” was coined by Shirzad Chamine in his best-selling book “Positive Intelligence,” which is at the heart of a unique and disruptive technique to enhance mental fitness. As a PQ Coach, I am happy to give this package as a bonus to all women who join my programs and as a stand-alone program by request.

      Thank you for your interest in this topic!

  2. When my wife and I got married she was 31. Is that an age when menopause can begin? Try as we might, she couldn’t get pregnant. A few years later her gynecologist diagnosed her with endometriosis. We were told that could be one of the reasons why she couldn’t get pregnant. Would you agree?

    Anyway, she had to have surgery and have her womb removed. So that was the end of us having natural-born children. We adopted our son. 

    It was wonderful reading about the services you provide women in menopause. This can create an emotional rollercoaster that also affects the husband. In my opinion, both need guidance on how to handle this transition. 



    1. Hi Edwin, 

      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story. We’re sorry to hear about your and your wife’s challenges. We agree that guidance during the menopausal transition benefits women and their husbands! 

      Furthermore, we provide a whole PQ Coaching experience for women who join our program, open to them to bring their entire family.

      In the US, the second face of the menopause transition (perimenopause, when the symptoms show up) begins around 42 (average). But it varies from woman to woman. In your spouse’s situation, she experienced surgically induced premature menopause. For your record, we also assist women who experience early menopause and their partner, particularly in terms of psychosocial preparation for the issues they may face.

      We appreciate you considering our services and hope you’ll contact us in the future should you seek help during this time. 

  3. This is a very helpful article on menopause and how women going through menopause, can be assisted. Although I am now in my early sixties, and had my last period when I was 56, many women go through menopause at an earlier age. I did have incredibly heavy periods for about 3 years, but had very few of the other typical menopause symptoms that most women experience. 

    And thankfully I never took hormone replacements, so it is interesting to see that you say we take too many hormones. I wish I had known about your program while I was going through menopause. But I will be sharing with my younger friends that are heading towards or in menopause. 

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Line. We’re glad our article was of help to you, and we hope it provides some valuable information for the women in your life going through menopause.

      As hormone levels fluctuate during menopause, it can be challenging to know what’s normal and what isn’t. Many women feel like they’re the only ones experiencing these changes, leading to confusion and frustration. Our goal is to provide support and guidance throughout this process so women can feel their best during menopause.

      If you or someone you know struggles with menopausal symptoms, we’d love to help. Our Board Certified Master Transformational & PQ Coach is specially trained to assist women in navigating this transition and can provide personalized advice and support. You can learn more about our program here:

      Thank”>Dr. Gala Holistic Health Coaching


      Thank you again for your feedback, Line, and we hope our program will benefit the women in your life.

  4. This post makes a lot of sense but as you say making good changes in your life is not always easy and sometimes it is just easier to medicate with hormones for a quick fix. 

    I am 52 now and reading this has really given me something to think about. The only symptoms I have so far is I crave sugar a lot more than I did so it is so easy to put on weight. Not sure if this is one is signs but I am hoping that I don’t experience any of the hectic symptoms that some of my friends did. 

    1. Thank you for your insightful review, Michel. I’m glad our post resonated with you and gave you something to think about. Making good changes in our lives is not always easy, but as you said, sometimes it is easier to medicate with hormones for a quick fix. We, humans, are more likely to succumb to easy solutions that don’t require much effort on our part. But, those solutions are not always the best ones in the long run.

      Many women experience different symptoms during their menopausal transition; it can be challenging to know what is expected and what requires attention. Our mission is to provide a natural, integrative alternative for women in menopause transition that’s accessible, affordable, and geared towards long-term health. Building solid mental muscles and rewiring our impaired adaptive mechanisms imprinted in our DNA can help reduce some of the more hectic symptoms some women experience.

      As you note, during peri-menopause, cravings are natural, and resisting them without sheer willpower might be difficult. That’s why we propose utilizing tools like PQ reps to automate healthy behaviors and keep you on track.

      Again, thank you for reading our post and sharing your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback!

  5. YouYesterday 9:10pm
    OMG! Angela I just finished your article I absolutely love it. You articulate so well and it really feels like you’re telling a story which allows someone reading to identify with Martha. Then you put your clinical background into it with clear understanding of what a women goes thru from puberty to menopause. A women’s genes has so much to predict how each women’s body is so unique and how using “pharma therapeutic hormones” does more harm than good! It actually is interesting, I used to work with the Department of Ob/Gyn and I learned so much from the Endocrinology section.

    Angela you explained the process so beautifully and in layman’s terms.

    1. Hi Aurelie,
      Thank you so much for your kind words about the article! I’m glad you found it helpful. Martha is a great example of how diverse menopause can be, and I’m happy to hear that you think I articulated it well. ?
      Pharmaceutical hormones definitely have their place, but as you said, they aren’t suitable for everyone. It’s essential to find what works best for each woman, and that’s where a health coach can be really valuable. I’m in love with my mission and fortunate enough to have witnessed how many women have benefited from the work we do. Do not hesitate to contact us or refer any woman in need of support during this challenging time. Here is a link to our services; please explore and share.
      Thanks for your support of health coaches!

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