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Most human beings still wonder why we age … and with the amount of information that floods the networks, the media, and society itself, in most of the ends of this earth, we could say that we almost know the answer. However, there are still gaps that we cannot decipher.
The bible, one of the oldest books describing humanity’s origins, tells of men and women who lived hundreds of years and did not seem to age as soon as we do. According to the bible, Adam lived 900 years, Methuselah, 969 years, Noe, 950 years. Then came those who began to die over the hundred years, Abraham, 175, Jacob, 147. It all seems to have started when God said: “My Spirit will not contend forever with man, because certainly, he is flesh. They will therefore be his days one hundred and twenty years.”
Anyway, we are predestined to live a maximum of 120 years … I take the liberty of believing it. Now, to get to live those 120 years, we will have to fight the battle with all the challenges that we face since God decided not to fight with us but to give us the freedom to choose; that is what we call “free will.”
By the way, this is not a religious conversation; it only seemed reasonable to me, reference the years that a human being could live. Now that we know we can live for many years (at least by the latest plan, it’s 120), I think it’s important to talk about why we age.

Why Do We Age?

The fountain of youth – such a metaphorical piece of the myth that alludes to immortality- has been used repeatedly in different literary forms both in the past and present. Oftentimes, the fountain of youth’s classification as myth is challenged from time to time with some expeditions or travels that claim to have finally found the fountain’s location. Nonetheless, this recurring symbol of eternal youth in most forms of literature and art verifies man’s innate affinity with immortality.
In our contemporary setting, this longing for immortality is almost within humankind’s grasp with the promise of better technologies and sciences shortly. However, to completely grasp and understand the means of acquiring eternal life or a very long life span, at the very least, one must first see the process behind our aging. This question kept many brilliant scientists hell-bent on searching for clues and theories that may answer such relentless queries.
Through these scientific explorations on human aging, scientists developed a term that refers to the human aging process – senescence. This term refers to a degeneration implication that manifests itself as people get old. Senescence is believed to be the result of a biochemical deregulation that is a natural component of life.
However, the effects of senescence vary among different species. Take, for example, a bat and a rodent; both of them are classified as mammals, and both are of the same size, but a bat generally lives longer than a rodent for the former can live up to 30 years while the latter usually have a life span of only two to three years. However, some animal species, such as rockfish, turtles, and lobsters, display a certain trait known as negligible senescence. This trait enables these specific animal species to live through a longer time than other species. Some of these species can even live for an unbelievable span of 200 years.
Findings through extensive studies by various scientists imply that this peculiar trait results from evolutionary and genetic factors that rule over these animals’ life longevity. However, scientists still find it hard to assimilate this kind of trait to humans. The reason behind it is fairly simple: we humans live in a completely different environment compared to those animals that possess the negligible senescence trait.
The best that we humans can do for now is to determine the various factors that fuel aging and address these factors accordingly.

Factors That Fuel Aging

One of the most obvious reasons or factors behind aging is stress. In a nutshell, the dynamics of stress say that constant beatings and punishments that our bodies take from everyday tasks lead to hormone disturbance, ultimately leading to cell damage.
Furthermore, the hypothalamus’s degeneration, a gland that resides in your head, is also one-factor determining aging. The hypothalamus is solely responsible for setting the “traffic” of various hormones to other glands. Over time, the hypothalamus becomes weary and inaccurate in releasing proper amounts of hormone to other glands in the human body. This leads to imbalanced hormone levels, which cause damage to tissues.
External factors brought about by the environment are also some very viable reasons behind the aging process. Environmental harms such as pollution, radiation, contaminants coupled with self-induced stress, and poor nutrition inflict damage on human cells. Significant damage is instantly inflicted upon these cells once they are exposed to such harmful external factors. Cells play a very substantial role in the process of aging because they contain valuable information for the human body’s development. Whenever a cell reproduces or divides itself, it makes sure that the new cell is of the same level as the previous cell that it originated from. If that previous cell received any slightest form of damage from the previously mentioned factors, it would spawn new cells that possess slightly deformed information sets. This will then start a trend of degenerated cells, leading to what is commonly known as the aging process.
Among these scientific theories that deal with aging, the Free Radical Theory tends to be the most popular among contemporary American health buffs. This theory suggests that extremely reactive chemicals, which the term free radicals refer to, are responsible for inflicting damage to the human body’s tissues. In general, however, these free radicals are not completely bad for the human body, for they also serve numerous purposes for the body’s development. But what is damaging to the human body, especially to the tissues, is the free radicals’ ability to reproduce itself in excessive amounts.
Free radicals are endowed with an extra electron, making them more capable of stealing electrons from other molecules that they tend to do frequently. This act subsequently leads to a hazardous cycle that can burnout the cells from constantly repairing damaged molecules.

How to combat aging?

With these various theories that try to decipher aging, certain medical solutions are also devised to combat the inevitable aging ritual. The most common among these medical solutions are taking vitamin C and vitamin E supplements to combat stress and to balance out the damage induced by free radicals in the body. Another effective method is to reduce your average intake of junk foods and substitute it with healthier food choices such as fruits and vegetables.

One means to combat the toll of aging today is through the consumption of high-quality GenF20™ HGH or Human Growth Hormone precursors. The GenF20™ HGH supplement can increase energy levels that can make you a lot more productive by enabling you to perform more tasks efficiently. This supplement can also help lower cholesterol and improve brain, vision, and immune function. These are only some capabilities of the GenF20™ HGH supplement in controlling the aging process. Still, nonetheless, the GenF20™ supplement is, by far, the most advanced dietary supplement that can help with the process of aging. These advances made in light of combating factors that lead to premature aging can truly give reaffirmation in believing that every man’s fountain of youth longs for is truly within reach.

Benefits of HGH

In medical terminology, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is basically a protein hormone discharged by the pituitary gland that primarily stimulates cell and growth reproduction inside our bodies. Originally, growth hormones are extracted from healthy, deceased individuals’ pituitary glands to be transferred to growth deficient children. Today, GH is produced artificially and given to adults and children alike for different health-related purposes.
Recent studies show that HGH treatment intended for aging adults is scientifically proven to enhance strength, give more energy, and improve human bone density. This hormone treatment for acute adult deficiency is basically prescribed on a daily injection basis. It is one of the effective anti-aging treatments that are highly prescribed to most aging adults.
Besides injection treatments, supplementary products that can boost your own HGH production are also widely available in the market today. These supplements contain chemical precursors of HGH that help to allow your body to produce more of it. Such precursors are mainly proteins and amino acids that enable your pituitary gland to produce HGH. HGH supplements appeal more to most aging adults since these products are less expensive and can, in some cases, be as equally effective as injection treatments. One such HGH supplement is GenF20 ™.
HGH supplements are top-rated among aging adults, mainly because of the promising benefits they feature. These benefits cover most of the things every aging adult wants to see in a healthy and young physique. One of the notable benefits of HGH is having a low level of body fat. If you agree to HGH injections or regularly take HGH supplements such as GenF20 ™, you will likely see a reduction in body fats. Studies show that aging men and women who are taking HGH supplements can attain more than 10 percent reduction of body fats. Even medical experts claim that daily intake of HGH supplements can be better than dieting compared to diets that do not alter our bodies’ hormonal system.
Wrinkles and fine lines are among the major signs of maturity. Aging individuals, particularly women, adhere to cosmetic surgery clinics’ services to keep their faces free from fine lines and wrinkles. With HGH supplements, surgeries may be longer necessary because HGH therapies can effectively improve aging adults’ facial skin tone. These supplements have the ability to help energize protein synthesis, thus, aid with producing more elastin and collagen that help lessen the effects of facial wrinkling.
Meanwhile, graying and thinning of the hair are common signs of aging among older adults and women. As we grow older, our hair eventually turns gray, and some even turn bald. Fortunately, HGH therapies help stimulate hair growth on balding adults and help maintain hair color. Continuous intake of HGH supplements can definitely make aging adults’ hair look healthier and livelier.
Another known benefit of HGH treatments is that they help build lean muscle mass in aging males. With this, aging males can look younger and healthier.
On the other hand, HGH treatments and supplements are also well-acclaimed for their ability to help normalize blood pressure. HGH supplements can help to provide aging adults a feeling of security and calmness effectively. These supplements can also reduce anxiety and stress, which are widespread problems among mature people.
Medical studies revealed that HGH supplements could significantly help improve older men’s sexual stamina and function. Besides increasing evils ‘sexual drive, regular intake of HGH supplements can also enhance aging adults’ mental alertness and vitality.
Furthermore, HGH treatments and supplements are also noted for their capacity to help produce High-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) that reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. Since heart attacks are widespread among aging men and women due to high cholesterol levels inside their bodies, they can help avoid heart attacks if they take regular dosages of HGH supplements.
And unlike antidepressants, they come with a broad range of benefits. You’ll look better. And you’ll feel just as good.
And if you’re in the market for a good HGH releaser, try GenF20Plus System.
Unlike most HGH releasers, the GenF20Plus System comes with enteric coating. This protects the ingredients from being broken down by stomach acid and delivers them to the small intestine for maximum absorption and where they’re processed.
Moreover, GenF20Plus System has another advantage over other products – it’s a complete ‘system’ that includes an oral spray of Alpha-GPC. That’s a boost of amino acids and botanical agents that enhance the effects of the ingredients they’re combined with. Think of Alpha-GPC as a turbo-charger for your engine. With the complete system, WOW.


The bottom line? If you’re having trouble with your emotional outlook, seek help. As many Americans do, if you do the antidepressant route, stay in touch with your health care professional.
And if you’d prefer to skip that route, yet add some flavor to your life with better emotional outlook, energy, sex drive, and fat loss, think about an HGH releaser—specifically, GenF20Plus System.

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  1. This is a very rich and well written article. I enjoyed reading every bit of it. I loved the way you made reference to the Bible in the introductory part of the article. Age and aging is a great Union that can not be easily broken, as it differs in everybody. Some people age faster naturally and other don’t. Well, the introduction of supplements to prevent aging has really to calm down those who worry about aging. Thanks for writing to discuss age and aging. I did get to learn a lot.

    1. Oh, Kelvin, I am so delighted that you enjoyed the article and learned a little about this inextricable unity between age and aging. I hope you stick around for the next on this topic. I am working on new articles that elaborate on the complexities of this natural life process.

  2. Hello there. Thank you very much for sharing this article on age and aging. It was a very interesting and educative read. I must say, I really did enjoy going through it as it contains valuable information one needs to hold on to. It is very true that one thing everyone is scared of aging and its common to age when growing older. Im going to share this with my mum who is so scared of aging, so she can get useful tips from here

    1. Thank you, Sophie, for your kind words. I appreciate your interest in this topic, and I recommend sharing it with your mom. I hope it provides some insights for her to navigate healthy and happy through the next stages of her life. If she needs to talk a bit more about this, let her know that I’ll be more than happy to help. 

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing this educative topic when we talked of age and aging there’s not we human can do to stop aging, either natural or artificial because there is something that disconnected human from God, in the bible people live about 400 years while nowadays it’s hardly human live up to 200 years. From the article the barrier is identify.


    1. Thank you, Aluko, for your comment and interest in this topic. I definitely agree that there is no way we can stop the aging process since it is part of our physiology. However, we have contributed to accelerate this process to the point that aging signs show up earlier. Many factors condition the accelerated aging process. In my article, I refer to a few of them that I consider important for their impact on our physical and mental health. Please, stay in the loop for upcoming articles on this interesting topic. 

  4. I quite agree with you; stress is one of the reasons why we age. Aging is earlier detected in people who do manual work. People who do stressed labor age faster; their skin and tissue break down faster than others who do less stressful jobs. Another important factor is the inability to eat a balanced diet. Like you said, our days 120 years. We have no choice about that 

    1. Hi, Parameter, 

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your interest in this topic. Stress is so present in our days that sometimes it is difficult to determine who is at higher stress. Some manual works are, in fact, stress relievers, especially if people enjoy what they are doing. However, there might be stress triggers in some types of manual or intellectual works that make a huge deal affecting the individual’s mental and physical well-being. I say there are healthy levels of stress needed to have us accomplish our commitments. It is all about those harmful levels of stress. This topic is so big that we will need more than just an article to refer to it. Please, keep an eye on upcoming articles about stress and how to manage it. 

  5. I believe that most of our decisions show up. That could be in the short run or in the long term. But they show up. And that includes showing up on our health. There are several factors that we can consider when combat aging. But the key one I think is what we eat. Thank you very much for this useful post. I am looking forward to more good posts as these from you.

    1. Abel, I appreciate your comment. Please, stay in the loop for upcoming interesting articles; you’ll not be disappointed. Since I am part of this amazing WA community, my enthusiasm and for writing is resuming. Thank you!  

  6. I know, I am one of those people too that just do not understand why do we have to age. I just want to be young forever. Lol Anyways, I think that genetics and the quality of foods we eat have something to do with how we age. Just like the same theory that mentioned about other animals. Look at the centenarians, they eat whole foods and little meats and they are up and running like a teenagers. 

    I agree, stress is the main culprit. I read a book called Ikigai and it said that a little stress is ok but not a lot. Thanks for your review on GenF20Plus System, I am going to check it out. 

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