My Story

I walked in your shoes.

Here you will find part of my story. The story of an ordinary woman who struggled, suffered, and grew up facing challenges like you.

Here it is!

I’m Dr. Angela Gala, but I love it when my friends call me Angie. Many people are impressed when they find out that I earned my MD in Russia. In Cuba, during that time,  all you had to do to be admitted to the university or apply for a scholarship was getting good grades and having a good general academic performance.

After graduating in 1991, I returned to Cuba, entering my residency program. After three and a half years of residency, my first job was as a specialist at a National Institute of Angiology, where my main work was centered on holistic management and prevention of diabetes complications. 

I was extremely fortunate to build a prosperous and fulfilling academic career and gain recognition as a scientist.

In 2003, after completing the World Health Organization’s International Health Certification Program in Washington, DC, my reputation as a world leader in health was established.

I traveled to at least sixteen countries on three continents, including Africa, North and South America, and Europe as a consultant to health authorities. In all these countries, I felt deeply connected to the people and their communities.

I tell you, all these more than 28 years of work fueled my love and passion for health and social well-being.


In 2012, I decided to continue my life and my service in this great country. Thanks to the Family Reunification Program and the very recent change in Cuban immigration law, my dream came true in December 2014. Since then, I have settled my home in Houston, Texas.

The path of immigration, which is not easy for anyone, challenged me with having to leave my son because he had already reached adulthood (21 years, according to US law). But no worries, God had a perfect plan for him. My son traveled to Asia, where he grew into a talented artist. During the last five years, many miles separated us, but thanks to technology, we talk and see each other every day. Very soon, God first, I hope to visit him or for him to visit me here.

Settled in Houston.

Shortly after arriving in Houston, I started looking for a job. I missed helping my patients, sharing my love and passion by supporting their journey to better health.

My first job was in a specialty bra store, My Bra Boutique. In My Bra Boutique, you could see all possible sizes and styles of bras.

It was scary to start a whole new career in sales, but I soon found a connection to what I had done my entire life, providing health education for healthy results. That was, I think, another training for my vocation as a coach. I loved when many women who walked into the store looking unhappy, they left with a smile on their faces, with that feeling of relief. You could tell something good had happened.

At My Bra Boutique, I learned how to choose the correct bra size. Also, I learned that more than 75% of those who visited our store did not know. I immediately found the opportunity to communicate health and prevention with my clients; many returned with their friends or recommended us, mentioning what they learned about women’s health.

I always remember the good times we spent with my colleagues at My Bra Boutique.

We are still great friends, and we keep in touch. I will be eternally grateful.

A couple of months later, I finally got what I considered my dream job at the Houston Health Department (HHD).

With this, I left the store.

I have been fortunate to be part of a fantastic team at HHD, working to strengthen community health programs and participating in community-based interventions, protecting the “H” about Houston.

My service to public health in Houston has helped me better understand our communities’ needs and the disparities that affect minorities, especially women.

MK and enriching the lives of other women!

I was enjoying working in my field. However, I still had a feeling of unease inside of me. I felt there was something else I could do; a better way to help, contact people and directly impact their lives.

So I entered the world of cosmetics and skincare through the Mary Kay business opportunity; A fantastic initiative dedicated to enriching women’s lives through a powerful beauty training program. Quickly, I learned how I could help other women build their dreams while continuing to raise awareness. I believe that every woman is beautiful and has the potential to live a full life.

Mary Kay’s legacy lies in the philosophy of a relationship with God as a priority, then family, and finally, business or career. She focuses on empowering women, providing training, and the opportunity to build her own business. I found another source of happiness by offering beauty consultations and, at the same time, helping to bridge the gap in women’s health.

“They have all been through something that has changed them in a way that they could never be the person they once were.” Unknown author

WoMen ©? What and why?

I walked in your shoes; that’s why today I can walk an extra mile next to you.

The reproductive life of women begins with the first menstrual cycle, which is known as menarche. My menarche came as early as nine years old. Like many other girls of my time, the first bleeding surprised me; I was not ready. I tried to hide it until it was no longer possible. Also, I had to learn how to use homemade sanitary napkins during that time of the month. The scarcity of resources in my country made each menstrual cycle a tough event for women. To my complete amazement, I learned that here in the United States, it is also a problem for many girls, even here in Houston.

My first pregnancy

At the end of the second year of my career, I got married (yes, in Russia); we were both students. I longed for a baby; So, a year later, I gave birth to my princess.

During the third year of my career, it was complicated; I still remember the pain in my legs and hips when I had to walk in the snow with my huge pregnant belly to attend my classes.

My first time in labor.

By then, there was no epidural anesthesia, or at least it wasn’t available to everyone. I also did not have time to attend training on how to perform labor. It took me over 19 hours of excruciating pain to bring my girl. However, shortly after giving birth, I forgot all the pain. Indescribable happiness flooded me when I held my baby for the first time.

My second baby arrived five years later. By then, I had married a second time and was working as a resident physician. Once again, I was in the middle of a crucial stage in my career. However, the delivery was much more relaxed.


I must admit that reaching menopause was one of the hardest challenges to overcome. I have never had pain during my periods. However, it was the first symptom that ushered in what would become my midlife crisis. I learned what other women go through each month when they have painful menstrual periods. It all started after my 47th birthday. The list of symptoms was long: severe pain, profuse bleeding for more than seven days, mood swings, hot flashes, followed by extreme cold, insomnia, anxiety.

You say it!

Sometimes he was sad, and he cried and cried, not even knowing why. Of course, someone would take the blame; most of the time, my husband, and my motive was: You never understand me! Thank you, God, for patience.

What else?

I think I had every one of the symptoms described in the literature. It took me a while to converge and try to find a solution.

WoMen© – The initiative

I exhausted all therapeutic alternatives except surgery, which my doctor suggested if the severe pain did not resolve with the medications he prescribed.

So there I was, swallowing pills and hoping for better.

Among other things, I read about the benefits of the low-carb, high-healthy-fat diet known as the Keto diet, which was trending on social media, with promising results. I decided to give it a try.

There were tons of posts about the ketogenic diet and its health benefits. I made my plan and decided to take it to the letter.

The results were immediate; The first thing I noticed was the energy, then the pain went away, and I lost a lot of weight (29 pounds to be exact). I was feeling renewed.

I also included other items to support my mental health, such as meditation, reading motivational topics, increasing physical activity, staying hydrated, and much more.

In my constant search, I came across the initiative of total transformation through health coaching, founded on a holistic approach to the concept of primary health care. I decided that I wanted to learn how to do it to help other women.

This is how I found the National Association of Health Coaches (NAHC) certified course. I enrolled in the program at my own pace, and soon after, I earned my first certification. Her program teaches the fundamentals of coaching and builds motivational interviewing skills. However, I also contacted the Institute of Health Coaches (HCI), which I believe is the most comprehensive coaching program. The best thing is that here the transformation begins with you.

I faced the little person that lived within me—that same girl who had been carrying all her stories until now.

This experience unleashed the potential within me, and my life purpose finally made sense.

Putting all these pieces together, I began working on an initiative to help women feeling lost in a midlife crisis. This is how Fabulous 50 -WoMen© came about, to help them turn challenges into unique gifts and opportunities to grow and shine.

WoMen© – is an acronym: a word formed from two, where ” Wo ” is the first two letters of Women in English and ” Men ” the first three letters of menopause. WoMen© is the elite program of Dr. Gala Coaching.

I envision WoMen© as an essential resource that all women can trust to inform their decisions. Provide the right support to encourage them to self-manage their basic health needs while enjoying a safe transition to middle age.

Each woman who participates in this program becomes the most powerful, beautiful, and healthy version of herself.

Who is WoMen© for?

WoMen© is for busy women, who struggle every day to do magic with their hands; that they are teachers, scientists, housewives, who take care of their grandchildren and know where to find anything with their eyes covered; They do not take much care of themselves, but they feel the need to change things in their lives, to feel more secure and happy with themselves; They have an open mind and are willing to do whatever it takes to take better care of themselves; They are ready to work on self-confidence and live a more mindful, satisfying, and stress-free life.

At this stage, we all tend to wait for the right moment to do something for us, even though we know that things are not going so well.

How do you know if it’s time to join Fabulous 50 – WoMen©?

Glad you asked this question! You don’t have to be 50 years old; It’s just about deciding to act for yourself at any time!

Here are some tips to help you decide:

Have you been told that you have hypertension, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, or obesity? 

Or, are you struggling with:

  • Hot flushes                                           
  • loneliness and sadness (empty nest syndrome)
  • bone and joint pain
  • decrease of arousal sexual
  • depression ;
  • Frequent changes in mood
  • feeling lost or without purpose
  • lack of energy
  • that you are losing your youthful appearance
  • that you have gained too much weight

If you said yes to one or more of these situations, or if you feel you must do something for you?

Then you are in the right place! 

I invite you to a FREE discovery session. Let’s find out together if WoMen© is the right program for you!

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If you said Yes to one or more of these situations, or if you think you must do something for yourself, then you are in the right place! Book your FREE discovery session, and let us find out together if WoMen© is right for you.