Standing no background
Dra. Angela Gala, founder, and CEO at Dr. Gala Health Coaching LLC 

So happy you made it here!

It means a lot to me that you want to know more about my story.

Here it is!

I am Dr. Angela Gala, but I love it when my friends call me Angie. 

I graduated as a doctor in 1991 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I got there with a scholarship that the economic collaboration of the former Soviet Union was offering to less developed countries.

I returned to Cuba that same year and started working as Medical Epidemiologist. I engaged in a prosperous and fulfilling academic career. I reached a high academic level what turned me into a renowned scientist in Cuba.

I was certified as a leader in International Health, by the World Health Organization, through its program for public health leaders in Washington DC, in 2003.

I traveled to at least sixteen countries on three continents, including Africa, North and South America, and Europe. In all, I felt deeply connected with people and their communities.

For more than 28 years of work, all lived experiences have fueled my passion for the health and social welfare of the community.

The immigration

Five years ago, I decided to continue my life and my service in this beautiful country. Thanks to the Family Reunification Program, my dream came true. Ever since, I settled my home in Houston, Texas.
The path of immigration, which is not easy for anyone, put me in the challenge of leaving my son in Cuba because he had already reached adulthood. However, God had a plan for him.
My son managed to travel to Asia, where he grew up into a great talented artist. Over the past five years, lots of miles separated us, but thanks to technology, we talk and see each other every day. Very soon, God willing, I will visit another country on another continent.

I made it in Houston…

Soon after arriving, I started looking for a job, or, as I say, for a way to deliver my love and passion to others.
My first job was in a specialized bra store, My Bra Boutique, a dedicated store where you could see all possible bra sizes and styles.
It was scary to start a completely new career in sales, but soon, I found a connection to what I’ve done all my life, provide health or education for healthy outcomes.

That was, I believe, another training for my health coaching vocation.

I loved it when many women who had entered the store looking unhappy, left with a smile on their faces, with that feeling of relief. You could tell that something good had happened.

At My Bra Boutique, I learned to choose my correct bra size, and also that more than 75% of those who visited our store didn’t know it either.
Immediately I found the opportunity to communicate health and prevention to clients; many returned with their friends to learn more about women’s health.

I always remember the good times we had with my colleagues in My Bra Boutique. We remained great friends and kept in touch from time to time. The owner is my beloved sister in Christ. I am forever grateful.

A couple of months later, I got my dream job at the Houston Health Department (HHD), and with it, I left the store.

I’ve been so fortunate to become part of a fantastic team at the HHD, working to strengthen health programs for the community.

My service to public health helped me better understand the needs of our community and disparity gaps affecting different groups, especially women.

Enriching other women’s life!

However, there was still restlessness within me; I felt there should be a better way to help, somehow, to be more effective in our efforts to improve health in the community.

I entered the world of cosmetics and skincare through the Mary Kay business opportunity; A fantastic initiative dedicated to enriching women’s lives through a powerful beauty training program.

Quickly, I learned that I could help other women build their dreams and, at the same time, continue to raise awareness.

I think every woman is beautiful and has the right to live a fulfilling life.

Mary Kay’s legacy lies in the philosophy of a relationship with God as the priority, then family, and finally, the company. It focuses on empowering women, providing training, and the opportunity to build their own business.

I am happy to offer smiles while helping to close the gap in women’s health.

WoMen? What and Why?

My life was not all rosy, and it has been intense – full of struggles: from bullying at school to a suicide attempt.

Not enough with all that, my menarche came as soon as my ninth birthday. Like many other girls of my time, the first bleeding surprised me without preparation.

I tried to hide it until it was no longer possible. Additionally, I had to learn how to use homemade hygiene pads during that time of the month. Scarce resources made it even harder for women in my country.

The arrival of my beloved children!

I married after my second year in Russia, he was a Cuban student as well. Shortly after marriage, I decided to have a baby.

The third-year of my career was difficult; I still remember the pain in my legs and hips when I had to walk in the snow with my huge pregnant belly to attend my classes.

There was no epidural anesthesia and did not know how to do my job when I was faced with childbirth. It took me over 19 hours of unbearable pain to bring my girl. Though, shortly after giving birth, I forgot all the pain and changed to indescribable happiness while holding my small and fragile little girl in my arms.

Yet the next year was even worse when I had to let my baby girl go to Cuba with her father so that I could finalize my examens.

Then divorce and what to say, many challenges, and many more. A new relationship and my second child followed. Things were easier for me in my second birth, and my beloved prince arrived.

I had a miscarriage with my third pregnancy, and again I was hit by the second divorce.


I have to recognize that arriving at menopause was one of the hardest challenges for me to overcome. I had never had cramps or pain during my periods in my early youth, or my reproductive life.

It all started with my 47th anniversary.

The intense pain, with profuse bleeding for more than seven days, and mood swings, hot flashes, followed by extreme cold. It took me time to converge, and start looking for a solution. Sleepless, depressed, what else?!

My solution came through Health Coaching with The Health Coach Institute. Also, I found my vocation match and actual relief.

WoMen – The initiative

Many of my friends and family had shared with me their struggles with menopause and asked for advice. Putting all these pieces together, including my own experience, I started an initiative to help women struggling with the symptoms related to menopause. That is how WoMen came about.

WoMen – is a word formed from two, where “Wo” are the first two letters of Women and “Men” of Menopause.

It has been recognized that our healthcare system has mostly neglected Menopause and its associated health problems for women arriving in middle age.

WoMen is the signature program of Dr. Gala Health Coaching LLC. It aims to raise awareness, empower and help women who will arrive soon or who have already reached middle age to adopt lasting behaviors for a healthy, beautiful, and satisfying life.

I foresee WoMen as an essential resource that all women can trust to inform their decisions. It will provide support to encourage them to self-manage their basic health needs while enjoying a safe transition to middle age.

Every woman who participates in this program is empowered, lives the life of her dreams, and becomes the most beautiful and healthy version of herself.

Who is WoMen for?

WoMen is for busy women, those who struggle every day to do magic with their hands, who are teachers, scientists, housewives, take care of their grandchildren, and know where to find something with their eyes closed.

They don’t take much time to take care of themselves, but they feel the need to change things in their life, to feel safer and happier with themselves.

They have an open mind and are ready to do whatever it takes to care better, work on your self-confidence, and live a more conscious, fulfilling, and stress-free life.

At this stage, we all tend to wait for the right time to do something for us, although we know that things are not going so well.

How do I know it is time to join the WoMen program?

I’m glad you asked this question!

Have you been diagnosed with hypertension, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or obesity?

Or, are you experiencing:

  • hot flashes;
  • loneliness and sadness (empty nest syndrome);
  • bone and joint pain;
  • diminished sexual arousal;
  • depression;
  • frequent mood swings?

If you said Yes to one or more of these situations, then you are in the right place!

Book your FREE discovery session, and let us find out together if the WoMen program is right for you.

PS. Hey man, if you got here reading and have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diabetes type 2, obesity, hypertension. We have the right program for you. Dr. Gala Health Coaching has expanded to help you tackle your health issues, and help you live a healthier, longer life. Please Book your FREE discovery session here.