We holistically address your physical, mental, and spiritual health through the Transformational Coaching Method and Positive Psychology.


Crush Stress, Even When Uncertainty Is Trending Nowadays.

In this seven-day course, we provide an overview of stress, its symptoms, and how it presents in daily life. Then, we will introduce 5 strategies for managing stress in a healthy way.

What do you get?

  • Access to an amazing platform, with workbooks, exercises on recorded audio, video, written materials and tools to support your progress.
  • Access to thousands of branded supplements through a private portal with personalized recommendations by your provider, access to amazing discounts for exclusive (all doctor signed) lab testing, and much more.
  • Free subscription to my blog and FREE recipes, FREE self care packages, FREE physical activity library, and more FREE stuff 
  • Access 24/7 round year to your coach (you can use your messenger to send your questions or comments, you will get a response no later than 24 hours)