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Top 10 Reasons to use MyTelemedicine

MyTelemedicine is a service that everyone can use since everyone needs healthcare, and not everyone wants to visit the Emergency Room, Urgent Care Clinic, or even their PCP. It’s imperative to understand …


Beauty tips

Beauty tips and offers

As a beauty expert, I am your best ally! I can help you reduce fine lines, acne, blemishes, dark circles.
Do you need makeup?
You get a flawless finish, use and apply the best colors, delivering unique gifts for special occasions… and MUCH MORE!
Complete a skincare profile here, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a FREE pampering session with the highest quality anti-aging products claimed by the cosmetic industry.
Get ready for your best experience!
Should you be a winner, you’ll chose between a Microdermabrasion, or Peeling or Special Deep cleansing mask, plus you get a perfect tone matching!!! All for FREE